Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog topic Ideas – Niche Blogging

One of the first steps for any new blogger will be to brainstorm for BLOG TOPIC IDEAS, or NICHE BLOGGING.  It will be something you will spend a lot of time doing through your entire blogging career.  For some of you, it will probably become an obsession of sorts.  For others, it will be like pulling teeth.  It is monotonous, time consuming research into words that relate to the overall theme of your blog. 

This is a huge topic for new bloggers.  It is an important thing to consider from the moment you decide to make a blog of your own and it is something you will always need to consider, if your goal is to get steady, organic traffic from search engines.  And it is your first lesson, in not only how to blog, but general SEO tactics most bloggers employ in order to develop a popular blog.

Being that the topic is big, I am going to attempt to break it up into sections on the process I would use when deciding on Keywords, Topics, niches and themes for my own blogs.

Sometimes the Idea just pops
Bright Ideas can become great niche blogs

Step #1-Why do you want to blog?

The first course of business when starting a new blog will be to decide why you want to make a blog.  Will it be for personal use, similar to a diary, maybe a place for your friends and family to come and see what is happening in your life, if so, you can stop reading right there, this post is more about the importance of laser like focus surrounding a specific group of people that you would like to be able to find your blog, using conventional search engine phrasing.

If your goal is to get pull readers to your blog from search engines, whether that is just to share information, or with the expectation of monetizing your blog and earn extra income, will be your choice. 

First step out of the way, now we can begin learn how to decide what to blog about.

Step #2-Deciding what to blog about, or choosing your niche.

This step is still tough for me.  Most people that teach blogging will tell you to brainstorm all your hobbies and interests, things that take up most of your time, and choose from them your topic to blog about.  It’s a good game plan, but it was rather humbling to me when I first did this and found very little of substance that I would like to spend countless hours, writing about.

Another option in finding blog topic ideas is an approach I favor.  Find something that interests you, but something you are not necessarily pursuing currently.  It will make your work much harder, you will have to learn and become proficient in your topic.  It will require countless hours or research, and it surely is not for everyone.  But for me, a researcher at heart, find it to be a rewarding experience.

The important thing to remember when choosing your niche is that you will be studying the topic from every different angle you can imagine, and attempting to find topics within your topic to write about on your blog.  And you will be writing and writing and writing, so your subject should be one you really like.  It will become very tedious to continue with a blog, if you reach a point where you have no interest left in the topic.

Step #3-Focus your Topic into a Micro Niche

This is where you will start to utilize some online tools in order to attack your topic with laser like accuracy.

I will use an example:
Say you want to start a blog about cars.  First off, there are millions upon millions of niches within that single word that you need to consider.  The truth is, you will have little chance of ever ranking in search engines with such a general term.  So let’s start to pinpoint that topic a little bit.
If you are having trouble at this point, I would suggest a few different options to get some ideas:

Google:  If you put the word ‘cars’ in the search bar in Google, before you hit enter, it will give you some alternative options to the term.  Do any of these ring true with you?  Maybe one of those are a better place for you to start.  If not, hit enter, and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.  At the bottom of the page is a list of suggested related terms.  Maybe one of these are more interesting to you.  Grab it if you want.

Keyword Tool:
There are tons of keyword tools out there.  If you have a Google Adword account you can use the Google Keyword Tool.  If you don’t, or you do not like it, there are other options.  Keywordtool.io is one.  It’s not going to give you search volumes though, only suggested keywords for your broad term keyword.  It will give you a list of more focused keywords you can use for your blog niche.
If you would like something a little more powerful, I suggest Jaaxy.  It is part of the Wealthy Affiliates network, which, I have to disclose, I am a part of.  You can set up an account with Jaaxy and it will give you 30 keyword searches per month.  It will give you monthly searches and estimated traffic, along with some other useful information.  Along with a list of suggested related keywords to the one you enter.

As a rule of thumb for all this, you will want a keyword, or Blog Topic idea, or Niche that isn’t too high, I would say, under 3,000, remember, this is for your overall theme to your blog, all your posts will be best if they tie back to this major topic in some way or another.

Another thing to look at during this process is your competition.  If you search your topic in Google, using “” around the words, you will find sites with exact matches to that search term.  You want this number to be low.  I like a quantity of under twenty percent of your total monthly searches.  This means I would like to see 60 sites or less turn up if the monthly searches are 3000.  This might be difficult with general keyword terms of one or two words.  More than likely you will be looking for terms or three to 6 words long.

With these tools, I am hoping you can find a niche that suits you.  Personally, if I was looking at the broad term, ‘cars’ my final choice would have ended up being something like ‘Car Engines’ and the name of my blog, would run along the lines of something like, How to Repair Car engines. Or Something like Saturn Car Engines.

Step #4-Deciding on Blog Post Topics, Niches within Niches

Now that you have the basic foundation laid for your blog topic idea, you can begin compiling a list of topics you want to write about on your blog.  Generally, I like to grab a fairly substantial list and try to write a post for every keyword I decide on.  You can use the same steps as above, using the keyword tool of your choice to start drilling down into the keyword to find more focused topics.  Here, you will want to find words with little competition, that also have monthly search totals of 50 or more.  The number seems low, and it is.  You are just starting this blog and you will want to start small if you want any early success.  With time you can look for tougher keywords, but I would recommend you start with the small fries first.

Niche Ideas are still out there
Blog topic ideas can be difficult to come up with

In Conclusion

That is the basic process I go through when I am searching for blog topic ideas, and in the bigger aspect of Niche Blogging.  It is going to be important for you to start small when you are new, and looking for things to blog about.  It takes time to build authority, and it takes more time to compete with blogs and websites that are in your blogging niche and have been around for years. 
Blogging is easy, but lifting an engine is easy,  but both require tools and planning if your intent is to be successful.

Thank you for reading.
(This Post has been edited on: November 24, 2015)


  1. That was a great blog post that gave me a lot of ideas. I'm a new blogger myself, largely interested in creating a platform as an author to get my novel published. Thanks for the advice!


  2. Make a commitment to blog everyday. 10 minutes a day can help increase your traffic as new content attracts search engine spiders. Be sure to post fresh contents on your blogs.

  3. Yes. Niche blogging is the only way if you wanna earn big bucks online. But then we have to choose the most suitable niche for ourselves. :D

  4. I learned something new from your blog. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. Blogging relevant to your niche is very important in implementing SEO strategy into your as well as into your blog site.

  6. I am so impressed with your knowledge and have learned so much from you. Thanks for all the fabulous info.

  7. So I just created one for my husband and I and want to use it as a journal of the activities we do (especially djing since we both are DJs) do you have any suggestions? I'm lost on what to post LOL weird I know.

  8. Ok, I really don't know where to start. I love cooking and baking and would like to start a blog about my passion for baking. Where would I go for my next step, per se? Thank you for all your information!

    1. Thank you for your comments Kristina. I am happy that this blog is helpful for you. I have actually stepped away from this blog. From all blogs for the most part. The biggest thing is to start. Whether you start here on blogger or on wordpress or on a hosted site, that will be your own decision. The point really is to start writing, and make sure you understand you will not see immediate gratification. It will take time to build following. Twitter and other social media will help building traffic, but in some ways that will be artificial, but it will help, you need to interest people and get them to share your blog or web site with others. It is most important to not be tempted to do things that will be viewed as spam. Don't make people crazy with endless requests to visit your site, don't go looking into places that will promise you links, these things will be seen by the major search engines, and will be frowned upon and your site will be sent to purgatory. So, just be patient, if your site is good, it will get its due with time.

  9. Ok, so I have been thinking of starting a blog and I would like it to be a niche blog. I love pinterest and love trying random recipes that I find online, I was thinking about starting one like that where once a week I can pick a recipe and try it out, post the results of what I followed from the recipe and then what I changed. Do you think this would be a good idea. I just can't decide, I think it would be fun and the general idea is that by the end of it I could have a blog that generates lots of traffic and maybe I could turn it into a secondary source of income. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Kendall, I think you are on the right track. I think the most important thing is that you really like what you are going to be blogging about because you will most likely be doing a whole lot of blogging in order to build good traffic. The search engines love content, so 50, 100, 200 posts are not going to be extreme. The nice thing about doing recipes, is each and every post is going to be unique, As far as income, it can come with time. I wish you the very best of luck and if you have questions I will always try to answer them for you.