Friday, May 21, 2010

How often should you write a blog post?

It is an age-old question.  How often should you write a blog post?  And the answer is not completely cut and dry.  While I do prescribe to the method of posting once a day.  I often fall or fail at that.  It is very common for me to only post once a week.  Sometimes even less, it really depends upon my schedule.  Commonly, what will happen with me is I will let my traffic and the style of blog dictate how frequently I will write a blog post.  Some of my blogs will function just fine if I only post once every couple weeks.  These blogs are unique though.  They are not about topics that require new content to remain relevant.  While it is true, that if I posted to them daily, search engines would probably treat them better, they perform ok, and with the amount of content I am already publishing every day, it is a breath of fresh air when I do not need to give them constant attention.

But what does this do to my blog?

Consistency is really key when writing blog posts.  When starting, beginner bloggers will be best rewarded if they post at least once a day.  It is not a must, but it will help you in the long run if you can get into the habit of posting at least once a day.  The more content that is constantly being fed to your blog, the better chance you have of search engines reconizing this.  And until your blog gets indexed I believe it to be crucial to write a blog post a day.  Sometimes even two blog posts a day.

For me, I take a free form approach.  For all my blogs I try to get to about 50 posts before I slow down.  I post daily, sometimes multiple posts a day, until I hit my 50 post mark, then I will back off a little bit.  Start focusing on generating backlinks and internal links.  Spend some time optimizing my keyword density, and just some overall house keeping.

But even when I slow down my posts.  I always try to post once a week, at least for my blogs that are in more competitive markets. 

Case in point.  This blog will probably be a blog that I will remain highly active in for some time.  Of course there will come a time when the blog will be highly populated with content, and I will start slowing down, but that could be a while.  I am full of ideas and topics right now.  So much so that I find myself writing multiple posts a day right now.

So, let me recap, since again, I am finding myself rambling.

Blogging lessons for beginners – "how often should you write a blog post?"

Write a blog post every single day.  If you have days where you can write two posts, by all means, feel free, if you are feeling really frisky and have three posts…Save the third for the following day.  You don’t have to of course, but you will have days where you just don’t feel like writing, it will come in handy if you have some posts stored up for those occasions.


  1. a blog about blogging...LOVE it! and the tips...thanks!

  2. Cool. I will try this tips on my blog. I wish you all the best.

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