Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging for beginners – Weekly recap

Here at blogging for beginners, I expect to give lots of beginner blogging lessons every single week.  And being so, I would like to try to revisit my posts once a week.  To make sure you are able to read everything.  For my first active week on this blog, we covered quite a few topics.  And below is a quick overview of the topics and links to them so you can easily check them out.  In the weeks to come we will talk about other topics and I will elaborate on the topics I have already started.  Giving more details and ideas for you to become a productive blogger.

I hear very often that it is easy to blog, and that is why there are so many blogs and bloggers out there on the Internet, and while I do agree with the idea that it is easy to blog.  It is NOT easy to be a blogger.  And to be a professional blogger is even harder yet.  All to often Beginner bloggers start a blog, go all out for a week or two, then end up abandoning their blogs, just because of lack of ideas or loss of interest, so, yeah, there are a lot of blogs out there, and there are a lot of blogs that have been left abandoned. 

It is a sad state to witness but it is reality.

So, now that I have gotten that out of my system, let’s quickly talk about what we have already talked about;

What are the best blogging sites for you?
This was my fist post on this blog.  Here I covered briefly a few of the major players in the free blog blogosphere.  Wordpress, Blogger and Live Journal being tops on that list.  Being a blogger blogger, I recommend that you all start with a blogger blog.  But, to each his own.  Wordpress and live journal are both wonderful options and may be a better fit for you.

Blog topic Ideas – Niche Blogging
Here we covered the basics of finding a blog topic and sticking with it.  Giving you a basic understanding of why it is important to find a Topic, or Niche and stay with it.  Finding a Niche that you enjoy, whether that be a hobby or a game or just you, is an excellent place to start when thinking of Niche blogs.

Writing your first blog post
Here I talked about post settings and general practices to consider when you start to write your fist blog post.  Although some of the settings are strictly based on the blogger platform, many of the concepts can be represented in any of the blog platforms out there.

Understanding Keywords and Phrases for beginner bloggers
In this post I covered the importance of Keywords and phrases and how they affect your SERP, and how search engines seek keywords in order to properly represent your blog in their search engine results.  There will be lots more to come on this topic, as I feel it is critical in blogging success, and one of the harder subjects to completely grasp.

The importance of blog Commenting
This post talks briefly about finding your blogging community and actively participating in it.  Reading others blogs within your same Niche not only helps you see what others are talking about, but gives you the opportunity to comment on their blogs, giving you the chance to be seen by their viewers and the blogger also.

What are Backlinks? Blogging for beginners basic understanding of backlinks.
This is an important post also.  Building backlinks are key in order to generate page traffic.   In many ways, backlinks will help your blog become popular.  And that is one of the goals when blogging.  To have people read you.

How often Should you write a blog post?
This post was meant to give a quick understanding of the importance of consistently adding new content to your blog.  People will be more apt to return to your blog if they see you update frequently.  Everyone searching the Internet is searching for new information.  And you can provide them that through regular blog posts.

In the weeks to come I will be discussing in more detail the importance of quality post that are posted frequently, I will be talking in more detail about keywords and how to generate long tail keywords.  Also backlinks and some of the lesser known places you can find solid backlinks. 

We will also be talking about social bookmarking and how it effects your backlinks, we will be talking about search engines and how they function, and we will be talking about making money through blogging.

Of course there will be more than that, those are just a few ideas I have on my mind at the moment.

I hope you find this blog helpful, please comment if you have questions or ideas.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners.

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