Thursday, May 27, 2010

Building internal blog links brought to you by blogging for beginners

Something that should never be overlooked when blogging is building internal blog links, within each and every post you write. And today’s blogging lesson for beginners is going to cover how, why and when it is important to build internal blog links.

Much like Backlinks, internal blog links play a roll in many aspects of blogging, Things like reader navigation, search engine indexing and page ranking can all be effected by your internal links.

First off, lets talk about reader navigation and how it relates to internal blog links
Readers come to your blog to gain something, usually that comes in the form of knowledge, and being that, they may see something within your post that they feel they need to learn more about. Perfect time to use an internal link. Say you have previously written a post about the best blogging sites for you, and you mention it in a newer blog post. Link to it. This gives the reader a very easy solution in finding out more about the subject without trying to fish through all your label or previous posts to find what he or she is looking for. Making the reader a very happy person, and in turn creating a reader that will more likely return to read more. And the effort in building your internal links is almost nothing. Well worth a happy reader or two.

So, how does it effect search engine indexing?
Search index spiders have their work cut out for them. They have a whole lot of data to index every single day. And all you are doing is giving them a helping hand in making sure that ALL your posts are being indexed. Whenever a spider finds a backlink within your post, there is a good chance that the spider will jump to that link and index the page. This is a definite plus.

And Page Ranking?
Maybe it has very little effect on page ranking, but every backlink counts for something, right? So, remember, when you are building your internal blog links, make sure they include the Keyword or phrase of the post you are linking to, this will help generate relevance. Search engines like this, when they see the anchor text of your backlinks matching your primary keywords within your post, they are able to assume that there is a strong relationship between the two, and that the link is meaningful and useful to the keyword target.

In reality, your internal blog links may play only a very small roll in SEO, but in the world of Blogging, I believe every little bit counts. And as a Beginner, I think it is very important to start creating good habits right from the get go. Building internal blogs links now, from the very beginning will set a tone for you and your readers. Giving them the chance to become more comfortable with your style right off the bat.

On top of this, something else that should always be considered is, spend some time reading through your old posts and add your internal links where you can. It works the same way, your site will always be re indexed and the links will be found. And not only will re-reading your old posts be a chance for you to improve your internal links, but it will also be an opportunity for you to look for new topics. I find myself just grazing over certain topics within a post without elaborating on them. I use this technique rather frequently, in order to help find new and fresh content.

I started blogging for beginners with the idea that, blogging as a concept is easy, writing down thoughts and opinions every single day or talking about hobbies or subjects that you are passionate about is not difficult. The difficult part is every other little step along the way that will need to be taken in order for you blog to prosper. Whether that be financially or just from an emotional level, it is important for us, as bloggers, to be seen and heard. It is why we do what we do. And THAT my friends is why I am doing this.


  1. Great article, makes sense to build internal links from a navigational point of view, it's a win win situation, you win, your readers win. I've overlooked this up until now.

    Now to understand external backlinks.


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