Thursday, May 20, 2010

The importance of Blog Commenting

In many ways, blogging is a community.  Bloggers read other Bloggers, we comment on each others works and we build business style relationships in order to assist each other and our blogging endeavors.  And the key to becoming involved with the other blogs that are within your Niche is through blog commenting.  And here I will give you a beginner lesson in blog commenting.  And blog commenting etiquette.

Blog Commenting creates awareness, it does so because most Bloggers enjoy receiving comments about their blogs or posts.  We all appreciate being read, it is why we blog.  And to know that we have wrote something that inspires a response is a stroke to our egos.  Not that all Bloggers walk around with big heads because we are receiving positive affirmation through our comment sections.  But personally, I know that I take the time to read every single one of my comments.  And I also take the time to reply to those comments.

And what does that matter really?

Well, within your comment, you are going to add identity to it, a way for the person reading the comment to link to you, or your blog.  Anyone who comments on any of my blogs gets me as a visitor.  I will go check out their blog and see what they are doing.  And, in turn I will comment.  Sometimes I will message them also, if I have a means to do so.  To create a bond with them, that can benefit both parties. 

It is important to give quality comments if you have any chance to catch the bloggers attention.  Poor comments will be viewed as spam and will sometimes be discarded by the blogger.  You never want to be viewed as a spammer.  This will only hurt your standings within your blogging community.  There are many great bloggers out there.  And they succeed for one reason or another. And maybe they have some insites or maybe they may have an interest in guest authoring a post on your blog, and maybe you have the same in return.  All this creates a possibility for others to find you.  If you have links to your blog on another person’s blog, you now have the chance to receive some of their traffic.  Traffic that is focused on the topic, and is looking for more information.

As a side note, I want anyone who may read this to know, that if you contact me, I will be receptive.  If you would like to guest blog, or would like me to guest blog on your blog.  I am always open to the possibility.  I can find a way to make it work
And this is only part of the benefits in blog commenting.  Something we have not really talked about yet is backlinks, we are getting to that, but realize that quite often, when you comment on someone elses blog that falls within the same niche as your, you are creating a backlink.  Search engines love backlinks as a way to determine popularity and relevancy.  These are key factors in page ranking and s.e.r.p (Search engine results page).  The more quality backlinks your blog has, the better your standings will become with search engines.  And in turn, will increase your overall traffic.

So, remember to spend some time every day blog commenting.  Reading other peoples blogs will only help in your success, and in turn, you giving your fellow bloggers some attention will help them. 

Important factors to consider when Blog commenting

-Make sure you are not commenting anonymously, this will not create backlinks.
-Make your comments insightful and noticeable.
-A little self promotion is ok, just don’t go overboard with it.
-Comment on at least one blog per day.
-Make sure your comments are turned on, on your own blog, to allow reciprocal commenting.

And there you have it, a basic blogging for beginners, understanding of why you should take the time for blog commenting.  I hope this helps you in a successful blog.


  1. Nice Post,You have described very well about the importance of blog commenting. Keep it Up !

  2. Blog commenting is a tactic I just started to learn. At the begining it was hard, but now I can say it is interesting. There are a lot of great blogs and post to read, and you can leave a value comment for them.

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  4. Comments has two purpose for both human interaction and search engine benefits. Well, I usually leave good comment in order for others to visit the link I have provided.

  5. As I am in the early stages of being a 'beginner' blogger, your information is insightful and I am finding it to be most helpful. I'm reading each of these in order to understand the proper steps to take before I start my own blog. Thank you!