Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogging for Beginners – Weekly Recap

It was a short week last week.  We only had four real workdays.  And if you have not noticed so far, This blogger does not work on days off.  I prefer to take a little time to recharge.  I never stop thinking of topics, and in fact I usually will have a notepad close by to jot down any thoughts that may pop in my mind.  But I usually will only do my writing on weekdays.

You do not have to follow that pattern.  You can write a post every single day.  You can write two posts every day if you are that into your topic.  Or you can write less.  Or, maybe you can write a week worth of posts on the weekend and schedule them to be published, as you deem fit.

Anything really works.  Just set a pattern and stick to it.  More posts are always better, but remember, more posts mean more work.  Not just with writing, but with keywords and backlinks.  There are a lot of little things to remember with every single post you write.

I tend to write by the seat of my pants.  I have general ideas for topics, but until I am in the moment, I really don’t do any “rough draft”, kind of writing.  I could, but having the personality I do, I would forget about them, and move onto the next shiny object that happens to catch my view. 

But, just like with every other money, I want to quickly cover over all of the previous week’s lessons.  Even though it was a short week.  We still have 3 blogging lessons from last week.

Creating Backlinks through online writing
For this post we discuss the importance of creating backlinks through online writing.  Some online writing sources who are nofollow links, but there are many out there who are dofollow.  I would recommend you use both forms.

SEO tools for blogging beginners or Advanced
Here I gave you blogger tricks.  Bloggertricks is a wonderfully useful blog that everyone should take a look at, it will provide you with lots of useful tid-bits.

Proper blog commenting
Here I used the first comment I received for this blog as a tool to illustrate the wrong way to comment on blogs.  Under normal circumstances, I would have deleted this comment, but for the sake of teaching I allowed it.

There you go.  This week we will be talking about Focusing on your topic in order to maintain good serp rankings.  We will cover over saturation of keywords within articles.  Maybe sprinkle some blogging for dollars in there.  Maybe look at some webmaster style tools to help track statistics.  Something like that.

Here at blogging for beginners, I am just flying by the seat of my pants!  Thank you for reading and come back soon!

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