Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogging for beginners: Top 10 Beginner blogging lessons

Today I would like to give you a top 10 list I have been bouncing around for a few days now.  I have covered a lot of topics here at blogging for beginners and I feel it is important to recapture major lessons that should always been in the back of any beginner bloggers mind.  Being that blogging is so much more than just writing.  It is often easy to forget the other aspects involved with building a successful blog.

So, with that being said I have put together my top 10 beginner blogging lessons.  These lessons are general, but you can find more detailed information about most of these topics within the blogging for beginner’s blog.

Now with that being said, let’s get on with the top 10 list:

1.) Be yourself
It is often easy to fall into a persona that you feel your readers will want to experience.  But it often feels fake and it often leaves your readers feeling that they are not getting the whole story that you are trying to tell.  Be yourself, even if it means making a few people mad along the way.  Personality is one of a blogs' strongest attributes when it comes to readership.  Response is positive, whether it is good response or bad response, it all creates a small amount of buzz.

2.) Blog regularly
This cannot be stressed enough, for both your readers and the overall strength of your blog.  The more content you have the better your blog will be represented on the Internet.  And the more consistent you can be on posting new material, the more readers are likely to return for what comes next.

3.) Promote your blog
What ever methods you implement in promoting your blog, never back off, promotion is a never ending process, if you want to reach the top and remain on top, you MUST constantly be increasing awareness of your product.

4.) Be active in your blogging community
Read other bloggers, comment on their blogs, find ideas and thoughts from the other blogs within your niche, and learn what readers are interested in by the quantity of comments and the general direction of the comments.  This will take you a long way in understanding what type of reader will be reading your blog.

5.) Respond to your commentors
Commentors appreciate your response to them as much as you appreciate the initial comment, and whether positive or negative, try to find the time to respond to the comments left on your blog articles.  It will have good results.

6.) Be prepared for positive and negative feedback
And with commenting comes both positive and negative feedback.  Be prepared for that, some negative feedback is constructive, some is destructive.  There are a lot of differing personalities on the internet, and exposing yourself and allowing people to step into your personal thoughts and ideas will create a response.  And sometimes don’t be afraid to allow the negative comments to remain on your blog.

7.) Always be on the look out for new blog topics
In every day life I try to keep a notepad close at hand.  I find that the littlest thing can trigger an idea for one of my blogs. 

8.) Don’t be afraid to experiment

Something that I have worried about in the past is trying different ways to generate backlinks.  Because certain search engines can be really fickle about the way you get backlinks.  Sometimes viewing them as spam and too much spam can put your blog into the “Sandbox” or removed from the search engine indexing.  This can be very unfortunate, but as long as you are going about your business in a reputable fashion, they should not frown on your methods.  And there are so many opportunities out there for finding quality backlinks.

9.) Actively participate in forums about your blog niche
This can help you in a couple ways.  One is by answering questions that are connected to your personal blog.  You can show the other forum members that you are an expert in your niche, and if you can include your website in your forum signature, you can receive quite a bit of traffic from other forum members.  This is good traffic that is focused on the topic of your blog.  Another thing this does is creates a lot of backlinks to your blog through your signature.  The more posts you participate in, the more backlinks you are generating.

10.) Patience
Patience is a tough one for me.  I want results now.  But even though the web is an ever moving and evolving animal, it takes time for your blog to be found, and to start generating interest.  The amount of time will always very.  But it should be expected that you would need six months of work before you should start to see results.  It can be deflating at times.  But if you stay on it and stay consistent, you should begin to slowly see improvement in traffic.
A lot of these will be nothing new to most of you.  Most of you know that in order to be a successful blogger, your best course of action will be, being genuine.  And being approachable.  But other things are often overlooked, and some of the lessons will take practice to become more natural for you.  But in the end, with a lot of hard work and effort, and PATIENCE, you will be rewarded with a blog that has the ability to generate relative popularity within your niche.

Of course there will always be exceptions to the rule.  That is where experimentation will come into play.  There will always be more than one way to reach your goals.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners


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