Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogging for beginners is a DoFollow comment blog now

This post really has little to do with learning about blogging and more to do with helping others build quality backlinks for their own blogs.  Up until now, I have received basically no comments for this blog.  Even though there are people stopping by and reading what I have to say, not so much commenting about that is going on.  So, I am throwing you all a bone.  I know that I do not carry a PR yet, because of the blog age, but I will get it there, I will get it to at least a PR1 very soon, and with that I would like to share with you some of my link Juice.

Please feel free to comment here, I will moderate though, and if you spam me, I will delete your comments.  But for all those that can follow my rules on proper blog commenting, you will get a little love. 

I am doing this because I know it is hard for beginner bloggers to find links and to find places that offer Dofollow links are even more difficult to come by. 

And for those of you who do not know the difference between NoFollow and Dofollow.  Here is the basics.
A NoFollow link is a link that most spiders WILL follow, but you will not receive any sort of credit or value from that link, so, if you place a link on a website that has a high PR, it does nothing more for you than placing a link on a low PR site, if they are both Nofollow.  It is just a link.  Google cares very little about that, Yahoo seems to place a little more value in link quantity, but still give you no real benefit from it.

A Dofollow link carries the value of the link it comes from.  Meaning a Dofollow link from a High PR site is going to be viewed as a more valuable link than a Dofollow link from a low PR site.  But whether or not thesite is a high or low PR, the DoFollow link will always carry more value.

So, even though I said I was not giving a blogging lesson today, I guess in some ways I did.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners


  1. It's definitely a good idea to convert to do follow for your readers. Gives people more incentive to comment when they know they will get some recognition for their efforts.

  2. TY for the comments Angel. I went ahead and stopped by your blog, It is very nice. Good luck and stop by any time