Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging for beginners – Improving Your Blogs’ SERP

It has been a while since I posted here at blogging for beginners.  I have been spending some time link building and working on improving blogging for beginner’s SERP results.  And I have to say that I have made definite improvements.  And while I am not where I need to be yet, I have made some good strides.

Today I wanted to talk a little about the process involved in improving your own blogs SERP.  SERP stands for search engine results page. 

Before I began the process of improving SERP, Blogging for beginners did not rank well.  And although I still would not consider my work a success, It is a work in progress.

Some of the steps I have taken to improve my SERP, which has gone from ranking at position 712, for “Blogging for Beginners”, to 169 is listed below.  It is important to remember that SEO is a very inexact science, and for me to say I have a solution for you that I could call set in stone would be irresponsible on my part.  But what I can do is explain some of the steps involved in building awareness of your own blog.
1.) Blog commenting
Although we have talked repeatedly about blog commenting and about the fact that it does not necessarily improve your page ranking, it can in many ways effect your blog traffic, and it can improve your SERP.  I use blog commenting regularly, Daily in fact.  I am not a comment spammer though, I will only comment on a couple blogs a day.  I will take a list of my keywords and I will use those within a well thought out comment on other individual's blogs.  Some of them will be DoFollow and others will just be plain’ol NoFollow blogs.  Do not get caught up with the DoFollow comments.  While they are nice.  You will want a nice balance of both forms of Blog Commenting.

2.) Article Submittion
In my mind article submission is one of the best ways to build awareness.  I submit articles to Go articles and Ezine articles primarily, but they are not the only sites I use.  They are just some of the stronger, and you receive the best bang for you buck when using these as your article submission sites.  I try to add at least one article per week per site.  Each article includes at least one backlink and also includes an author resource box with a link.  Article submission should be high on your list of things to do when you are trying to improve your blog traffic.

3.) Forums
I participate in one forum right now for Blogging for Beginners.  And I will try to participate daily on the forum.  And in my Forum signature I include a link back to my blog.  So, every time I post a new question, or answer existing questions, I receive another backlink.  This is a way to generate a lot of backlinks fairly quickly, along with showing readers that you have knowledge about the topic.

4.) Social Bookmarking
Although I do not go crazy with social bookmarking, I do add some bookmarking.  I use a few different social bookmarking services.  Delicious, JumpTags, Mixx, and StumbleUpon are some of my favorites.  Don’t go crazy with these.  People will start to view your bookmarks as spam and the sites can penalize you from this.  As far as I can tell, Google does not consider these backlinks as valuable links, but they can generate traffic quickly.  I have had a lot of luck with Stumbleupon.  But if you are expecting these links to turn into profit, it will not likely happen.  I am sure I will talk more in depth later about social bookmarking myths and unreasonable expectations of them.

5.) Hubpages
I love Hubpages. For my bigger posts, I write a corresponding Hubpage.  Hubpages rank well and they can generate really good traffic without much effort.  And on top of that they have the added bonus of allowing you to add Google adsense and Amazon associate ads to your hubs.

6.) Paid to write content
Paid to write content will generally not allow DoFollow backlinks.  But, they do offer the ability to generate income through page views.  Along with the fact that they will often rank well and will often generate a lot of traffic.  Sites like Bukisa and Helium offer another way to generate passive income along with generating quality and focused traffic to your blog.

7.)Internal Blog links
Internal blogs links are critical.  Very similar to Backlinks, these links allow your readers a better way to navigate your blog along with giving search engine spiders a chance to craw pages they may otherwise miss.  Using your Keywords for the particular post as your anchor text is a must here, and the link should be relative to the link.

8.)Optimizing Old Posts
Something I try to do regularly is go back through my older posts and optimize keyword density, along with adding new and relative information in order to improve the post.  This is an excellent way to create search engine awareness.

9.) Social Networking.
Honestly I have to admit, I do not participate in Social Networking with the accepted giants like Facebook and Myspace.  The only social networking sites I am a member of is PeopleString and Linkedn.  I am not active with linkedn but I am with peoplestring.  And that is mostly because Peoplestring is a social networking site that shares its’ ad revenue with its’ members.  As long as you are an active member you can generate a small amount of income monthly.  And if you have not noticed.  One of my primary reasons for being so involved online is to generate income. 

So those are the primary methods I use to improve my blogs SERP.  I believe that if you implement these methods you will start to see blog traffic improvements and you will start to feel like what your doing is working.  I know quite often, even for me, I feel discouraged by my progress with my blogs.

But through a lot of effort, you can see your blog improve. 

Thank you for reading "blogging for beginners", and please come back soon!

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