Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogging for beginners Weekly recap

Welcome all to bloggers for beginners, weekly recap

Last week was a lazy week for me.  I was plumb out of new and fresh thoughts, already, 20 something posts in and already running on empty.  Hopefully this week I will be able to bring you something of substance.  We have covered a lot of the important parts already, and this week I would like to spend some time on some littler tips and tricks for beginners that may help them through the beginning.  It can be pretty tough for a blogger who has decided to try to tackle a topic that already has a very saturated market. (Talking about me).  But there are a lot of things we can do, just by simply using our ability to write about our topic and talk about our topic.

As far as last week.  Here are the posts that I had.

How to build blog traffic or generate blog traffic
Here I initiated a bit of a personal competition.  I am going to try to increase my page ranking for 5 articles, I will do a weekly update, that will come tomorrow.  But lest just say I have already noticed a pretty big difference.

How to create a blog – Video Tutorials
Here I got really lazy, I grabbed some you tube videos and posted them basically.  They covered how to make a blog using wordpress and one using blogger.  Hopefully someone will find them useful.

Keyword research tools and variables to consider for blogging beginners
Its just that, we talked about Google’s Adword Keyword tool, and Page rank, and Site explorer, and how you can use them in conjunction in order to do proper keyword research.

And that was it….Sorry it was so light.  I got pretty busy with a few other things and really just lost track of my time management.  I will try to do better this week.

So, come back soon, to blogging for beginners.

Thank you

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