Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creating Backlinks through Online writing

Backlinks are something that eludes many of us.  We all want popularity and we all want to be seen, but if nobody knows we are there, how can we ever be seen.  And if we are never seen, how can we generate popularity, and without popularity, there are no backlinks. 

So, what can we do in order to jump-start the process?  Well, luckily for us.  We do have a way to generate quality backlinks using our anchor text or keyword text as the link.  We just have to find those places, and then we do what are already doing.  And that is telling stories, showing people how, or just writing thoughts. 

What I am talking about is online content.  There are many sites on the Internet that offers you the ability to submit your content.  Some of those sites pay you for your content, while others just take it, and it is used how they deem fit.  And it is my opinion that you should be ready and able to use both tools as a means to establish quality and long lasting Backlinks. 
Online writing can be difficult for some.  But if you are a blogger, and if your main form of communication on the internet is through your posts and writings, it should not be too difficult for you to establish a presence through these online writing sites that we are about to talk about.

But before we talk about Online writing, lets first talk a little bit about your blog.  In a previous posting I talked about the various types of posts you can write as a blogger, in order to break up the monotony of blogging.  And one of the posts is something I called a Pillar post.  Pillar posts are your posts that are going to be the most prominently found posts.  They are going to offer the most information, and being so, they will generate the most buzz.  So, when building backlinks through online writing sources, it is important to create backlinks to these posts, as well as your root URL.  Every single post in your blog is like another web page, and just because your root page is doing well, does not mean that there is not room for improvement with your other pages.  So, when writing content with backlinks in mind, remember to not only write content that will be linked to your primary URL, also write articles that will link back to your pillar posts.

For me, I write for several Article submission sites.  They are Helium, Hubpages, Ezine, Goarticles, and Bukisa currently.  They are not the only ones available to you.  Associated Content, Info Barrel, and Squidoo are others that are considered very popular.  But, since I have some I am familiar with, I will talk about those specifically.

Helium is an online content site that pays you for your articles.  They pay per view, they have standard titles that you have to choose from and you write an article for that title.  And it goes into the pool of articles that are also under that title.  As a writer for Helium, you are also asked to rate the other writers articles, this is how everyone is placed within helium, the better your articles rank within their perspective titles, the more money you earn for that title.  But the money is not the only thing here.  The goal when creating backlinks through your articles is, to write an article that is directly related to your post you are linking back to, or to your Blog as a whole if you intend on linking to the root URL.  And somewhere within that article, you will need to include your primary keyword phrase, and create a link back to your post, or blog.  This is a very strong backlink, and one that Google will not ignore.  Helium as a whole carries a page rank of 6, meaning that any links you establish through this website have a very good chance of being considered a very strong link.

Hubpages are almost like mini blogs.  You can write about whatever you want.  There is an approval so your content will need to be solid and cannot break any rules that Hubpages has.  With Hubpages you also have the chance to make money.  They allow you to place your Adsense or Ebay or Amazon Affiliates ads on the hub, and with that, you can reap the rewards twice over.  Once through a site that has a page rank of 6 and has high traffic volumes, and also through the extra income that can be earned through your affiliate programs.  Hubpages does take a cut of your earnings, but it is a fair trade off.  There is a hitch with Hubpages, if you do not have a writers score of above 75, your backlinks are classified as No-follow links, this means that search engines will ignore them and will not index your blog through them.  If you have at least 7 or 8 hubs that perform fairly well, you should be able to keep your score above 75 though.

Ezine is a content submission site that does not pay you.  Here they have some stricktly rules on where you place your backlink, but they offer you an author bio area at the end of the article.  The ezine site itself has a page rank of 6 also, and search engines view this site as a very strong link.  The benefit of writing articles for Ezine is that other website owners use Ezine as a way to find content.  This means that any article you write for Ezine has the chance to be distributed all over the web, offering you an unlimited opportunity for generating backlinks.  The more webmasters that use your articles the more backlinks your articles create.

Goarticles is another site that is basically the same as Ezine.  They do not pay your for your content, but they distribute your content to webmasters who are looking for content for their websites.  This offers you the same benefits as Ezine.  Goarticles seems to have a more lenient review process, but they have a lower page rank of 4.  That still is not chopped liver.  More than likely that is quite a bit better than your blog, and any link that Goarticles provides for you is going to be a good one.

Bukisa is much like Helium, but the difference being, you do not have to follow any set title.  You can write about anything you want.  You don’t even have to write, you can submit slide shows, or videos, well, you used to be able to submit videos, I have never tried, but I have heard they no longer accept video.  But Bukisa will pay you per view, they have something that is called a Bukisa Index, this number represents the amount, in dollars they will pay you per 1,000 views.  It is not going to make you rich, I believe right now the index is about 3.22, meaning they will pay you $3.22 per 1000 views.  So, just like Helium, you get the bonus of building backlinks along with the chance to make a few dollars along the way.

So, there you have it, a run down of some of the more popular content submission websites.  In general, I recommend that you write one article, per post you want to generate backlinks for, per content site.  Meaning, for me, I will write about 5 articles per post that I want to generate backlinks for.  It is a lofty goal I do not always achieve very quickly, but, the beauty of writing your own blog is, there are no deadlines, you write when you can and when you feel it.  But, as a final note, it is important to know that you have to make the content count, what I mean by that is, do not duplicate content.  Articles can be similar in general, but copying your article and just pasting it to these sites will throw up red flags with the search engines, if you can create several, unique articles about the same subject, your rewards will be better.

So, there you have it folks, my lesson for you today, here at blogging for beginners.  Good luck, and good writing.


  1. Good one buddy , I will try to follow these step to take my work to more audiences.


  2. very nice man, 5 articles per post is excellent guideline

  3. Great post you have here! Though saying are used to be easier than doing, I will try my best! thanks for the great and clear info. Backlinks are hard to build though =x

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