Thursday, June 10, 2010

How can beginner bloggers make money blogging

The biggest problem with the concept of making money through blogging is generating enough blog traffic to keep up with statistical facts.  What I mean is, if you are only seeing 5 unique visitors per day.  The chance of you making any real income through your blog is minimal.  You need real, substantial traffic that believes what you are saying if you are going to have any luck with making money through your blog.

And for beginners, blog traffic sometimes is something that is non-existent.  It is not uncommon for new blogs to see no traffic for days.  No people = no money, it is just a fact.  So, no matter what your method for monetizing your blog, or what your keyword topic may be, unless you maximize your blog traffic, you will not make the money your after.  Patience is key.  I have been feverishly posting to this blog and generating good backlinks and commenting on others blogs and doing all the things I am supposed to be doing, and traffic is still minimal.  I am still only seeing a handful of visitors a day.  Some of that is due to the fact that “Blogging for Beginners” is a fairly competitive market.  Some of that is because the blog has not had a chance to properly age.  Search engines take into account the age of a website when determining where to place it in the SERP.  It is not the most important factor by any means, but a blog that gets constant updates for months will place better than a blog that is only a month or two old and gets random updates.

But, we are not here really to talk about traffic today.  Traffic is something that will come with time.  Today we are here to talk about making money with your blog.  In my previous Blogging for Dollars post, we covered the ways you can use to make money blogging.  Today I do not want to talk about that.  I do not want to talk about adding ads to your blog or affiliate marketing to your blog.  I want to talk about an alternative to this.  Something that in many cases, you may have more luck with.
Previously we have talked submitting content in order to generate solid backlinks.  This is one of the best ways to get really good backlinks.  But not all content sites are created equally.  Sites like Ezine and Hubpages, or Goarticles are the sites that will give you the BEST link juice for your money.  The main reason I use these services is to help generate traffic and page rankings.  But there are other sites on the web that can do something for you as well.  Sites like Helium and Bukisa are two content sites that pay you for page views for the articles you write for them.  It is not much.  Sometimes less than a penny per view, but when you are just starting every little bit counts, right.  The problem with Helium and Bukisa is, they allow you to include backlinks in their articles, but those backlinks are NOFOLLOW links, where the links you get with Hubpages, and Ezine and Goarticles are DOFOLLOW.  So, in reality, creating backlinks with the other two are really not doing a whole lot for you…..It is true that every link has value, but every link is not created equal.  So, with this, you can look at sites like Bukisa and Helium as a way to monetize your blog.  By using your blog as a funnel, AND as a way to get a really nice backlink for your articles. 

Now, let me explain what I do, it may make more sense than me rambling on like I am.

I have a structure to the way I go about my business with my blogs and websites.  I write a post, and after I write my post, I look for ways to generate backlinks for that specific post.  I will write articles to submit to content sites like Ezine and GoArticles, and I start to concept a hub for it.  After I have the article or articles submitted, I write a hub.  And after I write a hub, I write a Bukisa and at Least one Helium article…..Or this is what I try to do…Some times I falter and run out of time…Its why I have a list of hubs that I am supposed to get done and it is not getting any smaller. 

Anyway,  Now I have my content.  I have a blog post, and linked to that blog post I have my content articles, and my hubs.  And then, I link my Helium and Bukisa articles to my hub…Or my blog too, but I am focusing on the hub.  So I have established a hierarchy.  Post>Content=Hubs>Helium=Bukisa. 

But now I want to get views to the Helium and Bukisa articles, because those are the ones that can make me money now.  So, I keep a mental note of them, and when I have the opportunity, I link to my helium and Bukisa articles from a post in my blog.  Or along the side of my blog as other material worth reading.  This way I have created a loop in some ways.  I am turning one visitor into the possibility of being one visitor over multiple pieces of my content.  This is a ways to maximize your earning potential.  Especially for beginner bloggers trying to make money from their blog

Good luck and good blogging.

Thank you for visiting blogging for beginners, and please come back soon!

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