Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogging for Beginners Weekly recap

Beginner blogging lessons from last week were kinda light.  Real world got in the way and left me with too many obsticals to find the time to write as much as I wanted to for Blogging for beginners, but, I still found a way to get three new blogging lessons in the books.  So today, I would like to just quickly run back over them, like I do every week. 

Last wee we talked about Analytics, Statcounters, Focus, and make money blogging.  So, lets quickly cover over them in detail.

Statcounters and Analytics for beginner bloggers
Here we talked about the importance of installing statcounters and following the Analytics for your Blog.  These tools will help you determine how people are finding your site and Why they are finding your site.  This gives you a chance to exploite your blogs strengths and build on its weaknesses.  Invaluable tools for any blogger looking to find success, in the form of traffic.

Do not lose sight of your Primary Blog Topic
This is something I have to practice every single day.  Losing focus is a strong reason for blog failures.  Topics start to become random, you post irregullarly and you end up finding yourself falling out of favor with the search engines.  Remaining focused and on task will only build upons your blog strengths.  And help with your success.

How can Beginner Bloggers make money Blogging
Here we talked about different ways you can make money blogging.  Especially early on in your blogging life, you may find it very frustrating (as I often do) that not very many people are visiting your sites, and even less are generating any form of income for you.  So, here we talked about alternatives that will help strengthen your blog, and created some income generating content to help with your own mental well being.

So….Yeah I know, only three blogging lessons last week.  I am hoping to get a little more done this week.  But I have SOOO much work going on between the blogs, and real work.  And I still have to find some time to start building up more “Backlinks”  I was hoping that this blog would be ranking better by now for my primary keywords, but it seems that it will need a little more help.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners and please come back soon!

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