Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to build blog traffic, or generate blog traffic

Today I am going to make all about me.  About this blog, blogging for beginners and a dilema I have come across.  See, when I started this blog, I missed something that was very important.  The term blogging for beginners is searched about 2400 times a month, which in theory is a great number to shoot for.  It usually means that the competition will be on par for what a free blog should be able to compete with, without too much effort.  But what I failed to realize is problogger hits at number one for this search term.  Problogger is a monster of a blog, and one that this blog will not be able to overtake.  Not even on my best days can I say I could ever compete with that blog, using this one.  So, that leaves me with a hube hole in my blog traffic.  So how do I fix that, how can I build up blog traffic or generate new blog traffic?  It is the question I am asking myself now, now that I realize I an in a little bit of trouble!

Although I have not invested an unbelievable amount of time to this blog, it is important for it to succeed.  It ia a stepping stone for something more I have in the works and in order for me to move forward I have to feel confident that this blog is operating at peak efficiency amd as of right now…It is pretty much running on E.

So, here is my plan of action.

I have 5 primary articles in this blog that I am going to focus on, giving them 100% of my attention, and using my techniques in building backlinks and increasing awareness.

Those posts are here:

Building Internal Blog Links
The Importance of Blog Commenting
Understanding Keywords and Phrases for beginner bloggers
Blog topic Ideas – Niche Blogging
What are Backlinkgs
I will be writing and submitting articles that will promote these individual posts.  I will also be writing hubs that will be linking back to these posts.  And for the hubs, I will be writing Helium articles and Bukisa Articles.  Along with blog commenting on the blogs that may be talking about these topics.  I am hoping that I can bring the traffic volume up with these particular posts, also meaning that the entire blog should see a substantial traffic increase.

So today, although this post it titled how to build blog traffic or generate blog traffic.  I am not showing you how to, but how it may effect this blog by implementing my existing tactics.

As a base line, We can pretty much start at ‘0’  I do not see more than a couple of page views a day, I will start putting together some charts so we can see how this will effect my traffic.

So, that is it for today, wish me luck!!!  I will try to make it a habit of talking about this process occasionally so you know where it stands, but will probably have a progress report ever couple of weeks, or whenever I feel it to be pertanent.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners and please come back soon!

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