Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogging for beginners is suffering from writers block

I know it has been some time since I have posted here on blogging for beginners.  I have been dealing with a bit of a funk, some sort of writer’s block. Or some sort of laziness.  Not sure what to call it, but it has been real.  And it has been really tough for me to find things and ideas to write about.

But, I am still around.  I have not abandoned this blog by any means, and I have been fairly happy at the traffic increases I have seen.  Not to say I am satisfied yet, because I do believe there is a lot more room for improvement here at this blog and I have every intention on making it happen.

The main purpose of this blog has been to show beginners the fundamentals of blogging.  We have spent a lot of time on Keywords and backlinks, and we have talked a bit about making money with your blog, and the importance of commenting on blogs.

We have really covered a lot of the more important issues regarding starting a blog for the first time.  But something we have talked very little about is something that I am dealing with right now, and that is not having topics to write about.  Running out of fresh ideas.

It is a tough obstacle to overcome.  Because once you fall into that, it becomes very easy to let it snowball, and next thing you know it has been a month since your last blog post, and you have been watching your blog slowly drop in your search engine rankings and you start to stress.  But that solves nothing, all it does it makes it tougher to come up with new ideas for your blog.  So, what can you do?

You can do a few things

You can read other blogs, and try to find ideas in what other bloggers in your niche has written about.  Put your own spin or opinion on it and write an article about it.

You can read through your old blog posts and see if something pops out at you.  An area that you did not cover in detail that you could now go back to and write a post about it.

You can change things up a little and write off the cuff about whatever is grabbing your fancy at that very moment.

Or you can use others articles from sites like Ezines, as long as you give proper credit to the author of course.

The thing to remember is, a blog that goes stagnant will suffer with time.  It does not happen over night.  Just because you miss a couple days of blogging does not mean your blog is going to plummet to the depths of Google.  But it does mean that your blog will not grow as well as it could with fresh content.  Search engines love blogs because of the fact that they are active.  Because they are fairly current, due to the fact that the authors of blogs tend to write regularly.  And this is the real advantage bloggers have to static websites.  And this is why bloggers can easily rank well in the search engines. 

So, from now on, I am going to try and make a conscious effort of blogging at least once per week here.  I will do my best.  I have seen some of my primary keywords begin to perform very well in Google and I would hate to lose that for no good reason. 

I have a lot of things to say, I just often have a hard time deciding on how to say them or taking the time to actually say them.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners.

I do appreciate your patronage


  1. Keep it up! I think we all go through the same thing. I've definitely learned from your blog and look forward to new posts!

  2. Thanks Tim. It is appreciated. I am working on it. Real life work has taken its toll lately and I have not had a whole lot of steam left to work on my online stuff. But thank you and I wish you luck

  3. Hi, remember seeing your comment in my blog once. Before you go on, can I give you my two cents worth? Please do yourself a favor and buy yourself a domain. Why wasting time building links for blogspot?? Anyway, it's your choice. Keep your blogging going.

  4. Thank you Blogging. I agree that a main blog should be under a real domain, and I do have one. This is just one of my free blogs. I like to use the free blogs for more niche style blogging. Thank you