Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogging for beginners: Blogging tips from a now seasoned veteran

I have now been an official pro-blogger for about a year and a half.  I have spend countless hours scouring the internet and any other source imaginable for any possible blogging tip or trick you could even begin to think of.  And for the most part, I have given many of them a test, to see what works and what does not.  To see if there are any blogging shortcuts.  Any way to convince the search engines that I deserve first place is SERP amongst the most competitive keywords.  And Amazingly enough, I have nothing to report, other than write, write, write, write, until your mind hurts and your fingers bleed.  then write a little more.  Then backlink, backlink, backlink, until everyone under the sun is completely annoyed by you.
This may or may not get the job done.  Real "Pro-Bloggers"  don't do that much work anymore.  A real "problogger"  does not need little blogging tips or tricks to take their blog to the next level, because they succeed at this point by sheer numbers.  They may or may not write anymore, many of them are now nothing more than a vessel for guest bloggers to post on their site.  And they use a team of well trained individuals to strategically place links all over the internet.  And they have this down to such a science, that the chance of us, lesser bloggers to achieve their success in their particular niche is virtually impossible.

I know, I spend an awful lot of time nay-saying on this blog.  Telling you how you can't do this or that, that you will never succeed with this or that.  And I do not mean to squash anybody's hopes or dreams here.  I am just dishing truth.  This blog, the one you are reading, blogging for beginners, is just over a year old, it has something like 50 blog posts on it, and it does fairly well, for an array of search terms.  But, none of the very most important search terms.  And it never will.  And as long as certain "pro blogger" individuals are up and running, I can confidently assume that I will never hit number one in the terms I started this blog for.  And I am ok with that.  With time comes a form of complacency maybe, but also the reality of what it would really take.

And that brings me to my number one blogging tip for all who stumble upon this blog.  Every topic, niche, keyword, or keyword phrase has a scalable amount of success attached to it.  And there are enough tools out there in the world web, to figure out how much effort it will take to achieve certain levels of success.  To work as hard as you can, and to be a realist about what you are doing. To not get disappointing, because you sometimes need to let a blog age and marinate before it will actually start to build steam.  And to cut your losses if no success comes.

I have started built and walked away from dozens of blogs.  And at this point in time, I have learned to accept the fact that some ideas will work while others will wallow and fail.

I have learned that passion about a particular topic helps.  But logical keywords choices well outweigh passion.  And for every niche or keyword that has a PROBLOGGER, will also have about a million other bloggers following in his or her tracks to pick up the scraps. 

So, to all you budding bloggers out there.  If you have not been able to figure out my cryptic blogging tip from this mess of a post.  I can sum it up to a single statement.

Do your Keyword Homework

And write to entertain.  Not just to teach.  Writing can be a colorful and magical painting if you choose your words write and if you write them with style and grace.  I am not telling anyone to do or to write like I do, because I really do not know how much my style is enjoyed.  you all may find me annoying, I really do not know.

As some final author notes.  I am still looking for guest bloggers.  I am surprised that I have not really had any interest.  Maybe I am overvaluing myself, but I feel that guest blogging is a really good way to build awareness. 

And also, I am working on a very large and involved project, I hope you will all check it out soon.  I is going to be something a little different than anything I have ever done before.  It is called the Books of Lineage.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners, and I hope you have found something about blogging tips in my random ramblings. 

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