Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can blogging be a successful home business?

Cents add up to a successful home business
It is a really good question to ask. Can I successfully blog to the end of a strong home business?

Personally, I have not yet succeeded.  I have tried and tried.  Probably not hard enough yet.  And because of this, I continue.

Blogging is not always the easiest path to take, for sure.  But, I have to believe the possibility of a successful business.  I have to because I am so heavily involved.

I know,  I seem to be all negative.  It is by design.  I am giving all the nay-sayers fuel for their fires.  It is important to give everyone what they want, right? In fact, the less people that attempt to become a blogger is all the more space for me to succeed. I do like a little competition.  But,  there is plenty out there.  So, no, blogging cannot be a successful home business.

Now that I've got that out there, and probably ran off about half my readers, lets us get down to business.  So-to speak that is.  I do believe in Blogging as a business.  I do and I will find my own success with this business.  With time.  I see rewards now, and I am slowly, but surely building a place online.

You want to use blogging as a home business?  What do you need to do then? How can you be successful? And how long is this going to take?

Here at blogging for beginners, I have covered a lot of issues.  I have tried to teach all I can.  About how to blog.  And I have always done so, even though I know I am doing nothing but creating more competition.  But there is a certain benefit that comes with competition.  It requires you to work harder, write better, and focus.  All good attributes for a successful business.

Truth is,  you can create a home business from blogging, and truth is, it can even be successful.  But truth is, you have about the same chance of success as you do in creating any personal, or home business.  Its not a great rate of success.  Blogging is by no means a slam dunk.  You have a very large audience, but you have to be able to find ways to get that audience to find you.  That is the tricky part.

The great thing about the internet and about blogging is, you can just keep adding to the pile.  Every post you write, article you submit and backlink you create, can add value and income to your home business.    So, in a way, its all about quantity.  I may fail a little bit in the quantity area right now.  I do a lot of writing but I still cannot say I have a successful home business in blogging.

But it is possible.  There is a tried and true formula I follow and in doing so, I always generate more income every day.  The increases are measured in cents instead of dollars though and that is what makes blogging so frustrating sometimes.

So, what is MY system?  Well it is nothing so special.  I do whatever I can think of to create my own web within the web to snare people.  And in the process, I try to use revenue sharing sites to do that.  Hubpages and Bukisa. Redgage, and yousaytoo, to name a few.  Every single one of these sites offer some sort of revenue sharing, along with helping my link building.  It is through these properties I am able to supplement my income and create a constant stream of money coming in. I do use sites like Ezine and GoArticles to, but more sparingly.  In situations where I have trouble ranking for certain keywords.

Even though I fancy myself as not just a blogger, but a writer.  All the writing required ca. Be wearing.  I am constantly working on articles and stories and descriptions of stories, in order to create a larger presence on the internet.  This is the key.  You can try your hand at easy backlinks and backlink generators and the like, but you will find the results less than pleasing.  And chances are your sites will not just grow in popularity on their own merit.  People have to find you.  And that requires your constant attention to detail. 

If you start a Niche blog about a very specific topic, and even if your competition is nearly non-existant, you will nevertheless be required to make sure the search engines are aware of you if nothing else.  And this too requires you to write and to build quality backlinks to your blog.

So, bottom line to my ranting for the day.  If you have decided that you want to try to make blogging your home business, and if you want that home business to support you.  It is going to require a lot of time and a lot of effort.  If you have a product other than knowledge to sell, your efforts may produce better results.  but for those of you who will base your income on ad revenue, be ready for a very long journey.  You will need thousands of page hits and you will need to have hundreds of URL's that are all collecting income in order to find financial freedom.  This is the truth, this is not me trying to scare people away anymore.  This is cold hard reality.  You cannot expect that just because you write and write and have a steady stream of readers, that you will find success.  You have to expect that you will constantly need to build up your readership, find new places to grab your readers and find better topics to write about.  All along, perfecting your own SEO and internet marketing techniques in order to generate the income stream you will need.

It will not be easy, it may not even always be fun.  But, if you succeed, it can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.  To know that by sharing nothing more than knowledge, you can generate a worth while income and live happily.  I personally cannot think of a better feeling of satisfaction.

So, read and read and learn all you can.  read every single page here at blogging for beginners.  And then search for more information and make educated and knowledgeable decisions and maybe, just maybe you can create your own successful home business.

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