Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogging Tips to make blogging easier

Here at blogging for beginners, I have made it my point to bring my readers as many blogging tips as I can possibly think of.......

Okay, I lie sometimes also. I have a treasure chest of information that I continue to hold to myself. I have reasons. I have been saving the good stuff for the book.  Yup, gonna be releasing a book.  I still have a bit more writing to do, I am expecting it to be a rather lengthy thing, one that covers a lot of ground.So, until then, I figure I will give up some more of my blogging tips I use to make my job easier.

But, before that, I have to tell you, Do Not Use Automatic Backlink Generators for any of your blogs you care about!  Let me elaborate, the backlink generators do create links.  Depending on the service you find, there are many different types of backlinks they create. But from what I have found, they are junk links, search engines will not like them, and, at the bare minimum, they will look at them indifferently, and if they want, they can and will deindex your blog, for using spammy links.  So, if you use these blackhat blogging tactics, you are taking a chance.  Its better to play with these tools on properties that have less value than your blog.  I just wanted to get that out there, I had said I would go back to the topic. But don't think its worth its own post.  So on to the blogging tips to make your job easier. And these tips will be revolving around keywords and how they can help you find new blog topic ideas.

I use Googles adword keyword tool religiously. It is one of my favorite tools. And what makes this tool so valuable is the suggested keyword ideas the tool gives you when you enter a specific keyword.  This is how you can find some new post topics. This is a great tip for those bloggers who are suffering from writers block. Topics that this tool will suggest are related to your primary keyword, or the keyword you enter in the space provided. And if you select the box that asks you to only show suggestions that are closely related to the keyword you entered, it will give you strong options for keywords that are related to your primary keyword.

So, in some of my previously written blog tips posts, I have talked about the different types of posts you can write on your blog. One of these is a pillar blog post. Which is a very large post with a lot of information and lots of words. Some of these pillar posts would be well suited to be keyword articles that are highly related to your primary keywords, or only slight derivatives of your primary keyword.  An example would be something along these lines:
Primary keyword for your blog: River Fishing
Derivative of that: Fishing in rivers

This creates articles that can drive large amounts of traffic all on thier own to your blog.  They should be keywords that are as popular as your primary keywords and that will give you the opportunity to highly increase your traffic.  Of course you will still need to market this post in order to get it to rank well in the search engines.  But the first step in the battle of adding a highly popular to your existing blog is to write a keyword rich pillar blog post.

So is this enough blogging tips for the day?  I think not.  I have more to give.

Now lets look at the less closely related keywords that the tool can give. If you type this new keyword into the Google tool, you will get a new set of suggested keywords, from this, you can choose another, fairly popular keyword, that is a more focused search term, say, saltwater river fishing.  And from that, write another blog post on your blog, not the same day, maybe a few days later, and link back to that pillar post, using a properly anchored keyword backlink.

Now, from that secondary keyword, the saltwater river fishing, enter that into the adwords tool.  What you are doing now is drilling down through your keywords.  So, now from this list. Now with that list in hand, choose three or four keywords for new articles.  These should be even lesser popular, but still be searched terms, and with these write articles.  Now one or two of those articles as a new hub or lens.  And link back two the pillar post and the secondary post that are your blog.  Using, again, properly anchored keyword back links.
After you have that done take the last of your articles and submit them to article directories,  adding backlinks to that article that point to the hub and/or lense.

Wow, did you get all that?  The reason I would consider this a blogging tip that will make your job easier is, all these articles and posts will be related to a very similar topic.  That means you will be in the mindset, and the writing will be much easier than sporatic writing about random topics. 
Its a lot of writing but blogging is, by nature, a whole lot of writing.  And this is just thr tip of the iceburg in blogging well. 
Yeah, this blogging tip is not something that makes your job as a blogger simple, but it does make your job easier
Thank you for reading blogging for beginners.  And again, look for my first book, coming soon.

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