Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogging for beginners, please help me name my blog!

Okay, okay.  If you really want to know this, I will teach you in the ways of developing a name for your blog.  I cannot outright give your blog a name, I don't want that kind of responsibility, if your name fails you, I do not want to be held responsible.  But, I can help you understand, I can give you some of the principals I use to name my blogs.  It is really nothing so fantastical, it will just take some knowledge and study. 

This is a beginner blogging tip.  It may seem inconsequential, but it has value.  Your blog name offers a key location to creatively pack as many keywords into a single phrase as possible without being grammatically correct.  All you need for it, is to sound catchy or make it easy to remember.

Of course, for some out there, you can take the easy approach and use your name as your blog name.  Problem with this is it really does nothing for you in the search engines, unless you happen to have some good name recognition, and more than likely, if you are hear, learning how to blog, you do not have that yet.  So, that brings us back to the real process of giving your blog a name.

What I mean is this. Depending on your blog topic idea, you will most likely have 3-5 primary keywords that you intend will generate the bulk of your search engine traffic.  These keywords and the traffic they will drive are directly related to your blog topic idea, and the amount of effort you put forth to ranking well in search engines.  So, here, we are not going to talk about actual traffic numbers.  only that you should have your set of primary keywords already established before you name your blog.   If you ahave not yet figured your keywords out you may want to check out this post.  Understanding Keywords and Phrases.

Anyway, this process of building your blog name is aplicable to any size of the blog you intend to create.  Whether you are expecting one visit a day or ten thousand visits a day, you will determine your blog name by the same process.

Now, look at your list of keywords.  Find the primary "action" words within that list.  And try to use as many of them in your title.  And if you can pepper in some of the lesser important words as well.  Using filler words to make sense out of the new blog name.  The goal here is for the search engine to place you in as many of the search queries as possible through the name of the blog alone.  Don't get too carried away, the name is not a short story within itself, you will have the chance to give a brief overview of your blog in most blog platforms that you use.  But, make sure you use as many as reasonably possible, and if the same word appears in all of your primary keywords, you really only need to use it once. 

That is pretty much the trick.  It may be easier than it appears by my poor excuse for an explanation, so, lets make an example.  This is an example I use for many things because I have no intention on using this for a blog of my own any time in the near future.  Lets use fishing.  Lest say you want to start a blog about fishing.  So lets begin how I would begin.

I open googles adword keyword tool. and type "fishing" in the word or phrase box.  And I would click the only show ideas closely related to my search terms.

You will learn a few things about the keyword fishing.
1.)It is searched over 9million times per month locally.  (always use the local number as a point of reference)
2.)It has low competition, relative to the amount it is searched.
3.)But this is the important part, you are going to get a list of relative keywords below this one.

This is where you are going to refine your idea for your blog.  You will want to find about 5 keywords below that will be your primary focus of your blog.  You will most likely choose keywords that have less monthly searches, in fact I would recommend that you find a couple that are below two thousand monthly searches and have a low competition.

Here is what I have chosen.

1.)Fishing Buddy
Low competition
22,200 monthly searches

2.)Carp fishing tips
Low competition
1,000 monthly searches

3.)Take me fishing
Low competition
5,400 monthly searches

4.)Fly fishing tips
Low competition
4,400 monthly searches

Ok, so I ignored my suggestion here about picking a couple keywords with less than two thousand searches, but I instead looked at the words and how I would use them.  I would stay away from keywords that incinuate that I am going to sell a product like fly fishing hats or free lures or anything like that, your competition is much more ruthless in those markets.

I also have Carp and Fly fishing listed, but I am not really sure if they are related in any way.  This is for illustration only.

Now with my words let me see what I can come up with......

1.)Take me fishing, Buddy - Fly fishing tips from a average Joe

And as far as a URL, I would try to go with something like BuddyJoeFlyFishing.whatever

So, with this, I have three of my four keywords within my title.  I think that is solid.  Does this help you name your blog?  Okay, there are some more steps involved in choosing keywords, but this is not an article about keyword research. 

I am sure, that for anyone who needed help with their blog name that this will give you a fairly decent idea as to what is involved with naming your blog.  I know that this blog does not follow those lessons, but I started this blog at a time before I really considered the importance of my blog title.  I assumed I would be able to add on new keywords to the blog as I went, but I think I would have been better suited with a name that included more of my primary keywords. 

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners.


  1. Great tips and very helpful article you have shared, i learn a lot of things from your post and being a newbie in blogging field i am feeling that these tips will help me be a successful blogger.

  2. i think you should choose those name which can cover your keywords also because if there is keyword in your domain then it is easy to get traffic and to rank your blog.