Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are we Making Money on Blogspot?

I am speaking specifically about Blogspot here, not talking about making money with blogging in general.  I am talking about "making money with Blogspot". And I am here to tell you I do make money with Blogspot.  Not getting rich from it of course.  But comparatively speaking, Blogspot is my biggest earner on the internet.  That is not with one single blog, I have, oh, more than four but less than ten Blogspot blogs.  With no overhead, anything made is pure profit, and Blogspot is geared toward the entrepreneur.  The platform is very strongly driven to help its users earn money online.  In the process, Blogspot, or Google makes money themselves, well, sometimes they do.

They don't force you to use Adsense, While I am sure they like you to. But you could implement different advertisers or Amazon, in order to refine your earnings dependant on your site.  I have a few different advertisers that I use,  but whether you choose Adsense or any other advertiser, you have every opportunity to make money with Blogspot.

The real important part about making money with Blogspot, is traffic.  And this is no different than with any other site out there in the world.  Or any other business for that matter.  Traffic will always offer the chance for income. And Blogspot is no different.  It is far and away the best free blog platform for anyone interested in the blogging for dollars industry.

And who can really complain with making money with a completely free blog service that is one of the strongest blog presence on the internet. While you do have to follow and conform to the Blogspot TOS, the rules and regulations are reasonable compared to others (wordpress) that will remain nameless at this time.

I do use that other site, but with the understanding that it will not directly make any money for me.  I would use it for link building purposes, along with micro-niching and traffic generation.  Dang.  Rambling again.

Here's the deal.  Blogspot can and will earn you money if you want it.  But it is much more involved then just placing ads on a blog that you write in your spare time.  You have to have a focused determination and you have to work tirelessly with adjusting your ads, and adding new and fresh content.  And you are and will always deal with the fact that it is a free platform.  And there is a weakness in using a free platform to generate consistent traffic.  There is perception.  Many people who see that your blog is a free blogspot platform and have been around and searching the web for a while know that it is common to see abandoned blogs, especially if they are free.  There is no financial tie to that blog, and there is no feeling of obligation for the owner to continuously work on that blog.  It can make people feel that the information on the blog can be old and stagnant.  And it really is an issue.

People will regularly overlook your blog just because it is a Blogspot blog.  This means that you can not relentlessly focus on one keyword.  your traffic will be severely hampered by that.  It means that every single post you write needs to be considered as another portal for readers to find you and every single post you write, you should want to rank in the top five on Google.  It is hard and daunting work for very competitive markets.  This is the rub.

So, while you can make money on Blogspot, you will be doing it with a lot of effort.  Probably more effort that would be required if you bought your own domain and wrote a blog that appeared to be authoritative in your particular market.  But, it can be done.  I am living proof.  And although I will not disclose how much I make using Blogspot, you should realize, that it is enough for me to continue using the platform.  And I have no intention on leaving anytime soon.

Thank you for reading blogging for beginners


  1. I commend you really for being able to make money with blogspot. Blogging is generally not a child's play but with blogspot or blogger blog the work is twice as required. So it means since you're able to make money with blogspot, you can make twice or three times if you were using Wordpress.

    There are many reasons a free blogging service is not the best for someone who wants to make money from a blog. And some of them you have pointed out. But the one that bothers me the most and people who are considering using a free blog to make money should consider is the fact that you have no control over your blog. There have been some cases of blogspot blogs getting deleted without any warning to the owners. And these are blog already making money. You can imagine how that will feel. And even though the blog is a personal blog, it's still not a nice feeling to know your blog can get deleted. This is not an everyday occurrence of course but it does happen.

    So even though there are few persons making some few hundreds using blogspot I can not recommend it as the blog software for blogging for those who wants to make money.

    I had to set up a blogger blog sometime ago to help me provide step by step tutorials for my audience that might want to use blogger nonetheless, then I realized how very poor blogger is with Search Engine Optimization. And without good optimization, you're missing out on a large number of traffic.

  2. Karo,
    I agree with a lot of what you say. The thing to really consider is, "blogging for beginners" and by this I mean. Blogging is not a easy profession. In fact, I would say that your chance for success is less that of many other business possibilities in the world. One of the main reasons I would suggest free blogging is that you are not financially committing yourself. If it fails or if you get your blog removed, the only cost has been time. And in the process you get the opportunity to learn. I have had many free blogs, and many blogs I paid for along the way, and the biggest reason I see more success out of the paid blogs is due to the attention I tend to pay those compared to the attention I give my free ones. That and my free blogs tend to be micro niches, which, while I do well for specific keywords, I am a no show in many others.

    Thank you for your comments though, they are well thought out and very much on point!

  3. Well in my experience while you can make money blogging, its not going to be nearly enough money to survive. I suppose if you started 10 years ago, and had a blog with 200+ followers and your topic was one that would generate a lot of views beyond your regular followers, you could make "some" money, but for most of the people just starting now, it is a good idea to be prepared for pennies, and that is on a good day.
    I blog because I enjoy it, if a person had a business, and were using a blog to promote their business that is another matter - the blog is advertising and should be used as such, in this case the blog is making money in another way - to note, I have seen some business blogs with google ads on them - I do find this very odd.