Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Heads don't Belong Here

Blogging for beginners has been around for some time now.  It is well aged, so to say, and I have to admit, I was beginning to just assume that the blog was going to carry itself.  I figured I was never going to take the local "problogger" out of the top spot and was very satisfied that Blogging for beginners was sitting quite comfortably at number 4, and had sat there for some time.

In a way I had myself a bit of a enlarged head.  I figured I would just leave the blog alone and move on to other projects.  Well.....  I have been proven to be incorrect.  Somewhere along the line, Google decided that Blogging for Beginners no longer deserved the position it held for almost two years, and I see now that my work is never done.

This, as a blogger is nothing new to experience.  Blogging, by nature is a never ending process.  That is what make blogging such a unique venue for people who want to spread their opinion to the masses.

So, what am I really saying here?

I am saying that I made a mistake.  As a blogger who has always taken a bit of pride in his overall understanding of the blogging process, I have failed in a way.  And I apologize.

I will never be a teacher who will tell his students that they need to post as often as possible, once a day, four times a week, I really do not believe that the frequency of your posts are as important as the quality of the posts.  I do believe that you really should not go more than a couple months between posts.  But I I will not tell you that you need to post so frequently that your quality comes into question.  In fact, before this post, I was a believer that you really did not need to post at all once you have established a position with the search engines.  Come to find out, I was just proven wrong.  It did take a long time.  But I have finally been proven wrong.

So, what does this mean for blogging for beginners?  Oh, I am fairly confident that with a little work it will be right back there.  I am pretty sure that this blog if sound, and it only needs a little freshening up.  But for all you bloggers who are just learning your trade, remember, that after you put all your time and effort into your blog, and you finally see your blog achieve first page in the SERPS, do not stop.  You have to continue to provide useful and informative posts that readers like.  And you need to keep the search engines happy with continually updating your blog.

Do not assume that you are above scrutiny from your readers and the search engines.  Because that's never really the case.  The one thing I have to stress, is, the internet is an ever changing landscape and in order to maintain a position withing the HUGE world we call the World Wide Web, you need to consistently be putting forth the effort.

Take it from me here at Blogging for Beginners, Don't get an inflated ego.  Don't assume.

Thank you for reading my post.

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