Monday, April 30, 2012

Are there really hidden Blogging Secrets?

I am angry. A certain search engine has dropped off the radar with this blog.  And I am finding it really hard to sit here and not say anything about it.  I have been de-indexed or something for some reason or another and I have no clue what has happened.   It made me wonder if I was missing some sort of big secret in the world of blogging.

I am not really sure about any big secrets.  I am not sure about what happened to this blog, but I am going to plug on, this is going to be my 49th post on Blogging for Beginners and I am looking forward to hitting the Big 5-0.

To start this blog post, which really is about blogging secrets, I would like to do a little experiment. I would like you to use the big 'G' and search the term: How to make money blogging for beginners....

(See what I just did there?  I got my point across and I added a well placed backlink)

I am not sure if you get the same results as I do,  But my results show that the first three results are all connected to problogger.  Hmmm.....  Do you think HE has any secrets?  I do, I think there may be quite a few secrets there.

What could those secrets be?  Well, I am not going to throw dirt at someone like Darren Rowse.  I do not know if there is questionable tactics involved in his SEO.  In fact, at this point I am pretty confident that he has no need to do anything but occasionally write a post.  Otherwise he can let guest bloggers and general writers really do all his work.  And this brings me to what kind of secrets he may have used in order to create such a strong blog.

First off.  Problogger is a very established blog.  It has been up and running for over 7 years now.  In terms of blogging years, it is a lifetime really.  Only a select few will ever make it that long.

Which brings us to another secret.  And that is dedication.  I know, this is sounding like every other how to blog post ever written on the Internet when I start talking about dedication and hard work, but it is true.  It is very easy to just expect to get views simply because you write an occasional post.  I do it :).  But at the same time I have a very good understanding of what to expect from my effort.  I know I am not going to suddenly go viral and just blow up the Internet....I blog about blogging.  Com'on, I accept my place.  Doesn't mean that I am happy that I have been demoted by the big search engine....Sorry, I am bitter. I busted my ass to get this blog where it was, and to have it taken away unjustly has tweaked me.

Sorry for that, I am back, more secrets.

Do not get carried away with the idea of building links.  I can not stress this little secret enough.  Let your blog speak for itself.  It is one thing to build a few back links to get things rolling, but keep things in perspective.  If you spend more time trying to generate back links than you do working on your blog, you will be left with diminishing returns.  Write good posts.  Write posts that are fairly lengthy, add a back link here and there, but do not become obsessed, if it is good, your blog will get read, with time.

Spend some time making blogger friends in your market.  Having people in your same niche you can talk to or follow or even occasionally write for is a huge tool to building a better blog.  In many ways, it gives you competition, it gives you a person to bounce ideas off of, and it gives you a larger view as to what your readers like.  having other people in your network will help you greatly.

The biggest thing I can tell beginner bloggers, is to keep things in perspective.  Blogs do not blow up overnight anymore.  The days when you could start a blog and have it on the first page in a week really is long gone.  Unless you find a gem of a niche, you will have to work and write and write some more, and bide your time and watch and read what other people are writing and then go back and write some more and then you will want to do a little praying if you are in to that of course, and then you will want to go back and read all you have written, get a couple new ideas and write some more.

Its the bottom line, to be a blogger is to be a writer.  A writer that has to be dedicated to writing on a almost psychotic level.  Good luck to all out there.  And thank you for reading blogging for beginners.

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